God does not comfort us to make us comfortable; He comforts us to make us comforters!

Life is full of hurts and betrayals, especially when you are involved in ministry. Talk to any pastor who has been in ministry long enough and you will discover that they probably have the scars to show for it. Often these hurts and betrayals can lead us deep into the cave of despair which results in ministry becoming misery. That is the story of pastor and author, Scott Distler. In these pages, Distler looks at two heroes of the Old Testament who had similar experiences. Elijah found himself in the cave of despair and Joseph in the pit of betrayal. Using the principles seen in their stories as well as personal lessons learned during his own experience within the cave, Distler offers hope and help to anyone, especially pastors and those in ministry, who have found themselves on the bitter end of hurt and betrayal.

The CAVE: When Ministry Becomes Misery

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